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Food Safety & Mycotoxins | It's Flea & tick Season | Cats and Plants | Dogs and Dangerous Foods

Food Safety & Mycotoxins

“The most common food hazards that can make pets ill are types of Mycotoxins - toxic substances that are by-products of certain species of mold (fungi) that can infect grain crops, especially crops that were subject to moisture late in the growing season or storage. This can be a greater concern than bacterial contamination, because Mycotoxins can't be "cooked out" in pet food production…” more

It's Flea & tick Season

“With a flea’s ability to procreate rapidly, generating a house-wide problem, and Lyme Disease being a concern from the Deer Tick, all of us need to find effective ways to treat our dogs and cats as we enter the warm months of the Flea and Tick season. (Although you may not be aware of it, the Fall season is also a major flea problem time of year)…”

Cats and Plants

The ‘good’ of plants is the roughage they provide. Instinctively, the Outdoor Cat chews on grass. The Indoor Cat, on the other hand, needs to be provided with plant roughage in a safe form, namely Grass, instead of potentially dangerous house plants.”
“Some common houseplants can be harmful or fatal depending on the quantity swallowed. Also, cats that chew plants are exposed to any chemical pesticides or fertilizers that may have been applied directly to the plants or through the soil…”

Dogs and Dangerous Foods

To dogs, chocolate is delicious, but potentially lethal.....
Both onions and garlic contain the toxic chemical Thiosulphate.....
While it is unclear exactly what substance in grapes and raisins causes the problems.....
Avocado is another toxic fruit. The pit, which most dogs would think was something fun to chew on, is especially poisonous… more

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