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Adopt? Foster?

There are more cats and dogs up for adoption than ever before. Supporting animals by adopting a cat or dog from an Animal Rescue Group, or a Shelter, is a wonderful gift to the world, and yourself.
And, if you are not ready to adopt, there is another alternative – Fostering.

If you have always wanted to do something about the horrific euthanasia rate at the shelters, but have not felt you were ready for a full time pet, fostering presents an opportunity to save lives on an ongoing basis.

The Commitment

Emotional: It takes special people to open their hearts to one of these Rescue cats or dogs: to love and nurture them for their entire life, or for a period of time until their new permanent home is found.

Time: Review your life schedule. Be prepared for the time commitment which will bring so much love into your life. For Fostering, there will be a minimum time period. If you can handle the responsibility of a pet, a few weeks can make a huge difference.

Foster to Adopt: This is a special category. If you are a prospective first time cat or dog owner and/or are not really sure you’re ready for the responsibility, or have other pets and want to make sure that the new pet is compatible, a “foster to adopt” is a great opportunity to share your home without the long term commitment of a permanent adoption. Speak to a Rescue Group – either here at PethealthStore every weekend, or contact Rescue Groups at

Home Check

For an adoption, there is generally a Home Check. Likewise, for Fostering, there is also a home check. With adopting or fostering a dog, it should only be considered if your schedule allows enough time to take the dog out on a regular schedule.
Emotional Support & Socialization

Give your adoptee/foster the emotional support necessary to help them transition through this phase. Often this involves helping to socialize them, making them feel more secure and good about themselves -- In short, making them part of your family.

Congratulate Yourself
It is easy to say “I want to help” or “I’d like to take them all” but by taking ONE needy pet into your home, you can be making the difference between life and death. Your commitment creates a space for a Rescue Group to take another cat or dog out of the shelter.

PetHealthStore keeps a list of Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters should you need a resource list. Come in or Call us at 212-595-4200


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