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The Six Important Aspects of Cat Comfort


Cats are born pleasure seekers, and your cat will find lots of comfortable places around your home to hang out. You can expand your pet's comfort zone by selecting the right supplies and equipment. Here are six ways to make your cat more comfortable.

1.  Food

Mealtimes are a highlight of your cat's day, and providing her with nutritional food she likes will keep her active, healthy and delighted with dinner.  (Please see our article, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”).

Feed her a high-quality diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they not only crave, but thrive best on meat as the protein base of their diet.  Therefore, the canned, frozen, or freeze dried foods would be preferable.  A high meat content dry food would be another alternative 

Consider feeding your cat multiple times daily.  This is also a healthier way to feed, as more, smaller portions generally increase nutrient absorption.  It is also something she will look forward to.

Look to PetHealthStore for best diet recommendations appropriate for your cat’s life stage and health, and your budget.

2.  Bowls

Your cat may be influenced by her dish as well as her dinner. Bowls should be big enough for her to eat without squashing her whiskers.
Try to avoid plastic dishes, since plastic tends to hold and replicate bacteria.
Use separate dishes, or double diners that have each dish separate from the other.  Not only do cats often prefer to drink water away from their food, but this also keeps the merging of the food with the water.

For freshness, and to attract your cat to drink more (cats tend to be poor water drinkers), refresh her water at least daily.

3.  Litter

Cats are fastidious creatures, and litter that helps you keep the box clean also keeps the box attractive to your cat. Selecting the right litter ensures that your cat will continue to use her litter box.
Clay litter absorbs your cat's urine, but unless the litter is changed at least every other day, she may find the urine odor offensive. There are many alternative litters that can both satisfy your cat, and ease the litter box chore.

Litter liners prevent the box from absorbing odor (plastic absorbs odors, just like your garbage can), and can be useful odor reduction at the litter box, and ease of disposability.

A note about the litter box: Be sure the box is big enough for her to turn around in, and not difficult to get in or out of. This means the box she uses as a kitten may not be the right size when she is an adult. In addition, some cats like covered boxes, for privacy, while others don't like to feel confined. You may have to experiment to find the right one.

4.  Bedding

Cats spend an average of 16 hours a day sleeping, so finding an appropriate place to sleep is important for her comfort level. Since cats are very territorial animals, it is good to provide a specific place that is hers, for your cat to sleep. Decide on a best place for her, and purchase a cat bed that she will not have to share, except with another cat.  Again, we can make recommendations.

5.  Toys and Posts

Providing a variety of toys will satisfy your cat's natural need to play, and keep her from boredom.  Fishing-pole-style toys give her a great overall workout by promoting jumping and leaping. Windup or mechanical toys provide mental and physical stimulation, and balls encourage running and chasing.  Foil, and shiny toys are a sure cat attractant.  Also, most cats are attracted to catnip, and will play extensively with a good catnip toy.

The indoor cat will benefit from a scratching post or, even better, a multi-level cat tree. 
A scratcher will provide exercise.  A multi-level tree provides both exercise and a place to “hang out”.


Visit PetHealthStore for one of the largest selections of toys, scratchers, and cat furniture.

6.  A Daily Routine

If your schedule allows a routine, your cat will look forward to your “comings” (not your “goings”).  Since they are creatures of habit, having a schedule regarding coming home, playtime, aznd feeding increases her contentment quotient. Your cat will come to know the pulse beats of your day, anticipate your arrival home and look forward to the positive interactions the two of you share.


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