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, contact the ASPCA NATIONAL ANIMAL POISON CONTROL CENTER, staffed 24 hours by licensed veterinarians and toxicologists, at


To dogs, chocolate is delicious, but potentially lethal. The cocoa bean, from which chocolate is produced, contains a drug called Theobromine. This is closely related to caffeine, which chocolate also contains. The toxicity of chocolate for dogs is due to its Theobromine content, which is long-lasting, and very potent.


Chocolate poisoning is very serious. If you know your pet has ingested large quantities of chocolate, do not wait for symptoms to occur. Induce vomiting, and take him to your veterinarian immediately.


The most toxic chocolate is Cocoa Powder, followed by Baking Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate-flavored drinks. White Chocolate has a very low level of toxicity to dogs.



Both onions and garlic contain the toxic chemical Thiosulphate. As Thiosulphate levels build up in a dog’s body, they cause severe problems with the body’s red blood cells.


Dogs can become ill after either eating one large amount of onion or regular sDmaller meals containing onions.


All forms of onions are equally dangerous, whether they are raw, cooked, or included in a recipe, one reason to be especially careful with table scraps.


Onions contain more of the toxic ingredient than garlic. While the potential for illness still exists, a dog would have to eat much larger quantities of garlic to become dangerously ill.





While it is unclear exactly what substance in grapes and raisins causes the problems, there are many documented cases of dogs experiencing acute kidney problems after eating even a handful of grapes or raisins.




AVOCADO (and seeds & pits)

Avocado is another toxic fruit. The pit, which most dogs would think was something fun to chew on, is especially poisonous. In fact, a good rule of thumb with all seeds or pits is that if we remove them from the fruit or vegetable before eating, then they’re probably not healthy for dogs.



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