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Budget limitations do not necessitate reducing the healthiness of our pets’ diets. Rely on PetHealthStore to supply options which will AFFORDABLY maximize your pet’s health.

Human health maintenance, and our out-of-control health care costs, are now being linked to the extremely high expenses related to Pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs), and the inadequacy of Preventative Health Care, including proper diet. It is no different for our pets. The adequacy of Preventative health care will always mitigate the need (and expense) for Curative health care.

Pet food quality has continued to improve over the past 10 years. First began an evolution to human-grade foods, both dry and canned - versus pet-grade foods. (Pet-grade means that the ingredients used are those rejected for human consumption; human-grade is not, and is therefore of higher quality). Because of the superior nutritional benefits of human-grade pet foods, we should all prefer their use.

The Health + Value brands presented here are high nutrient alternatives that put their money into their formulations instead of marketing and advertising presentation.

Since our pets are carnivores, we have selected the value brands that are high in meat content, and lower in price.

Triumph Naturals

Triumph Naturals are high meat dog and cat foods (see our article Good-Better-Best
to understand the importance of high meat content pet foods).

They continue to put their money into the product, rather than high marketing and advertising budgets, and the results show -- a very high quality food at a good price.

Varieties available are:

  • Triumph™ Naturals Dog Dry (no wheat, no soy)
    -- Chicken, Beef, Lamb
  • Triumph™ Dog Dry Grain-Free
    -- Chicken & Veg, Turkey & Veg
  • Triumph™ Naturals Dog Cans -- 8 varieties
  • Triumph Cat Dry (no wheat, no soy)
    -- Chicken, Salmon
  • Triumph Cat Cans -- 8 varieties

Nature’s Variety

Nature;s Variety is a premier brand of dog and cat foods, very focused on quality. It basically has 2 lines -- a more budget line, and their premium line, which is called Instinct™, and is one of the best formulated dry and canned dog and cat food lines available.

However, if your budget does not accommodate their “top of the line” foods, they also produce a more budget line, that is still of very high quality in dog dry food, called Prairie, and in dry and canned cat foods, called Pride™.

Varieties available are:

  • Prairie™ Dog Dry
    -- Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Venison
  • Pride™ Cat Dry -- Chicken, Salmon
  • Pride™ Cat Cans -- 12 varieties

Evanger’s Naturals

Evanger’s Naturals are dog and cat foods manufactured to a very high standard, and are also KOSHER, if that has relevance to you. However, the most important factor in considering this food, is the fact that all their formulas are high meat, and high quality ingredients . They have both a budget line of foods that we recommend highly, as well as some that are more expensive, but still great values considering the quality of the ingredients used.

Varieties available are:

  • Evanger’s™ Dog Dry -- Chicken & Veg, Turkey
  • Evanger’s™ Naturals Dog Cans -- 8 varieties
  • Evanger’s™ Cat Dry (no wheat, no soy)
    -- Chicken, Salmon
  • Evanger’s™ Cat Cans -- 8 varieties

Regal Pet Foods

Developed in conjunction with both Animal Nutritionists and Veterinarians, Regal™ Pet Foods has developed a line of dog and cat foods that focus on using hypo-allergenic protein sources (anti-allergic) such as Turkey and Lamb, and an excellent dog digestive sensitivity diet.

Varieties available are:

  • Regal™ Dog Dry (no wheat, no soy)
    -- Puppy, Adult, Lean, Sensi-Bites™
  • Regal™ Cat Dry (no wheat, no soy)

As you can see, there are many choices in Health + Value foods. We believe that you will find one or more that will work well for your pet, both in palatability, and in nutritional excellence.

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