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Pet food quality has improved over the past 15 years.


Recently began the most important evolution of all – the introduction of price-competitive human-grade foods, both dry and canned.


Just as increasingly better information and food choices are available for our own diets, better information and food choices are available for our pets. These human-grade foods represent the newest evolution in feeding our pets a healthy, immune system strengthening and life sustaining diet.


What are human-grade foods, and why are they important?


Almost all pet foods up until recently were what are known as pet-grade. Pet-grade means that the ingredients used are those rejected for human consumption; human-grade is not, and is therefore of higher nutritional quality. Foods such as Iams, Science Diet, and Nutro are excellent pet-grade foods. However, they are still pet-grade, and do not offer the superior nutritional benefits of human-grade food. There are now several manufacturers producing human-grade cat and dog foods – both in dry and canned form.

There are also human-grade raw pet foods becoming available that have additional ancillary benefits.


When you investigate the human-grade food choices available for our cats and dogs, you will see that these foods not only have superior meats and grains, but generally contain additional beneficial ingredients for our pets.

If our goal is to have our pets be as healthy as possible, and live as long as possible, the greatest preventative health measure we can take is in the fuel (food) they ingest daily. We are constantly bombarded with the importance of supplements in our own diets, and many of us use them – often because we can’t (or don’t) control what we eat daily. The more we can absorb naturally from the foods we eat, the less requirements we have to supplement our diets, and the healthier we are.


The same is true for our cats and dogs. And the fact that we have healthy choices (particularly with human-grade pet foods) that we did not have in prior years enables us to provide better sustenance for them.


While its is true that certain supplements can be additionally beneficial, the need for them is greatly reduced with the use of human-grade pet diets.


It takes little effort to explore the beneficial choices available to our pets. Call or visit us for education and samples of these fine foods. Visit the world wide web for more information. Speak to a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about feeding. Your pet will be the better for it, and it just might encourage improvement in your own diet as well.


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