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Nutritional supplements are intended, as they are in people, to augment nutritional needs. Their efficacy lies in the fact that our pets may be missing essential nutrients in their absorbed diet or, because they are growing, or ageing, or infirmed, may have special needs not necessarily satisfied by their daily feeding regimen. Often, natural supplements will produce desired results without having to resort to pharmaceuticals, which can have deleterious side effects. Our belief is that pharmaceuticals should be the “court of last resort” for our pets (just as it should be for ourselves.) Just as we would prefer a natural vitamin supplement for ourselves instead of a synthetic one, natural preventatives and curatives that work are always to be preferred.


How can I determine if my pet needs supplementation?


The first determination concerns preventative health nutritional augmentation. Is my dog or cat getting all the nutrient absorption it needs to be at maximum immune system and constitutional strength? How do I determine this with respect to the food I‚m feeding daily? Are there any obvious danger signs — like poor energy levels, mediocre or poor coat condition, frequent poor stool?


Since dogs have 1/2 the length of digestive tract that we do, they are relatively poor processors of their daily diet, since their shorter digestive tract has less intestinal bacteria to break down food. This is exhibited by the quickness of their excretions relative to people. It is also shown by the delicacy of their digestive tract. (Have a good slice of pizza, followed by some good Chinese food. You‚ll be fine. Give that to a dog, and he‚ll have the runs for several days.) In addition, even with a best-quality human-grade dog or cat food, when foods are cooked above 118 degrees (they all are) the entire enzyme component in the food is killed. It is digestive enzymes that are the primary catalysts in breaking down foods into absorbable nutrients. Only the frozen and freeze-dried diets are enzyme-intact.


Therefore, enzyme-based supplements are extremely important to maximize nutrient absorption, and to maintain our pets in optimum health. They are easy to use, and there are several choices.


Also, growing puppies and kittens, and pregnant or nursing females need extra nutrition and vitamins and minerals. There are several supplements that can insure that they get what they need during this important time of their lives.

There is also a category of Weight-Control and Weight-Enhancing supplements for overweight and underweight pets.
The second determination concerns curative health nutritional augmentation. This includes infirmed animals, cats or dogs recovering from trauma, and ageing animals.

Before discussing this, it is important to note that we DO NOT suggest disease treatment. That is always best left to your Veterinarian. However, we do advocate curative health nutrition, to augment your Veterinarian’s treatment regimen, and maximize your pet's constitutional strength.


Curative health supplementation includes:

Vitamin/mineral supplements, Whole foods supplements, Skin & Coat supplements, Bee Pollen (nature’s most complete food), Anti-Inflamatory supplements, Hyperactivity and Anxiety supplements, Digestive & Intestinal supplements, Incontinence supplements, and Seagreens constiutional supplements.


They are available as natural, or herbal, or homeopathic. We will only make recommendations when we feel they will be efficacious.


Please contact PetHealthStore for any needs you may have, and for any recommendations you would like from us.


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To Supplement or
not to supplement,
that is the question!